Brochure program

Seeking to balance the constant changes that render large and infrequent publications irrelevant, a global and long-term program was defined to include a rational planning of communications distributed over two large areas: Institutional and Business-oriented, also divided in modules.

We implemented specific publications with visual features associated with and focused on several market sectors, which enabled ongoing updates at sensible costs.

Two containing folders represent the company's image and its products.

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Editorial projects

50 Years Program

Developing a general interest book with a clear and definite layout, that described cultural, political and economic developments in the country, the world and the company, led to the following visual structure: each double page was divided in three columns with text and three images, one per topic, that represented a year.

In the book, organized around five decades, each page shows the most significant event of the year. Highlighting each year and using different colors for the pages in each decade allow to browse any specific section immediately.

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Figura Acindar - 4
Figura Acindar - 4