Boehringer Ingelheim

One of the first 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world, Boehringer Ingelheim is a leading manufacturer of specialty pharmaceutical products of the highest technical and scientific quality.

CH+B was retained on the occasion of the launch of a new product -- Glyxambi, a type 2 diabetes drug.

"Past, present and future - we keep on innovating in healthcare" was our starting point.

The formal vocabulary is supported by two pillars. The first one shows an interaction among diabetes milestones, with significant and influential individuals who participated in the history of medicine and, most specifically, diabetes.

The second concept that supports design is the technology embedded in the product, which is consistently reflected in all formats. Physicians' conferences consisted of hologram projections and high visual impact videos.

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5 Years of permanent dialogue accompanying the journey that has modified the course of treatment for type 2 diabetes.

Our commitment was to develop a communication piece that conveyed product quality and service strength, a very significant fact in the healthcare industry.

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Based on the Our Focus initiative (that defines who we are, how we work and our ambitions looking forward), Boehringer Ingelheim's Human Resources department wanted to create a pet that represents the "Your Growth Our Growth" (YGOG) values.

CH+B has sought to reflect through different options the identifying elements (hoops) of Our Focus as character elements. These elements take center stage as a tool that grants powers to the mascot and allows it to take part in situations or activities in which it wants to be involved.

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