Fundación Noble

Since 1966, Fundación Noble is committed to serving society, mainly through education and culture.

Visual identity

The development of a new identity, deprived of any commercial meaning, and the reduction of the name to its everyday denomination as "Fundación Noble" (instead of "Fundación Roberto Noble") give value to the meaning of the word "Noble" and are the starting point for the project. The form of expression used to communicate works both on a stand-alone basis and as a complement to Clarín Group's identity.

Figura Fundación Noble - 2


Corporate Social Responsibility Report

The Corporate Social Responsibility Report is the piece published by Clarín Group to communicate its community efforts and actions. Its visual layout conveys a very strong testimonial message. The report's design doesn't have any commercial connotation or graphic effect. With the idea of attracting reader attention, we developed a container box with graphics that introduces readers to the atmosphere they will find inside. The design with bellows and a flap reminds of old-fashioned school bags. The way these two pieces have been created shows a clear communication strategy that recognizes one identity for all Group communications.

Figura Fundación Noble - 4
Figura Fundación Noble - 5
Figura Fundación Noble - 5