John Deere Argentina

The John Deere brand has been present in Argentina since 1894 and the company has been operating local manufacturing facilities since 1958, when the Granadero Baigorria plant, in the province of Santa Fe, first started operations. That was the starting point for the company in South America. The company has been manufacturing its products ever since and continues to grow in the local market.

CH+B consistently works in the creation of innovative communication pieces by promoting and enhancing the renowned John Deere identity based on the company's four key values worldwide: Quality, Integrity, Innovation and Commitment.


60 years manufacturing the future with passion

John Deere believes that its track record not only refers to what the company has been, but to what it intends to be today and tomorrow, with the seal of innovation that is present in everything it does.

CH+B designed communication pieces that reflect innovation and technology throughout 60 years of manufacturing activities in Argentina.
The project's starting point was to explore new ways of communication.
The development of pieces shows the execution patterns that strongly contribute to building a consistent identity in all strategy-supported formats.

Figura John Deere Argentina - 5
Figura John Deere Argentina - 6

Trade fairs and expos

CH+B works in a unified design for the entire region, in a distinctive and innovative manner.
The creation of architectural signage for the company's fairs and expos is focused on a visual expression with powerful and compelling images.
A high impact system that conveys dynamism and creates a strong relation between the public and John Deere.

Figura John Deere Argentina - 8
Figura John Deere Argentina - 8
Figura John Deere Argentina - 8
Figura John Deere Argentina - 9
Figura John Deere Argentina - 9
Figura John Deere Argentina - 9
Figura John Deere Argentina - 10


Consistent and systemized actions are the best way to build intuitive awareness from the public.
John Deere's brochure program was implemented so that each piece would meet the strategic objective of eliciting a targeted and integrated response as part of an interconnected system.

Figura John Deere Argentina - 12

Daily planner

For a graphic piece where the value of design is supported by functionality, we turned to a practical proposal that provided a solution to farmers' needs. Specific areas for daily comments and annual rain charts address those needs. A monthly page comprises the region and creates a bond with users and their environment.

Figura John Deere Argentina - 14


50 years of manufacturing in Argentina.

50 years of industrial activity in the country. Half a century of John Deere in Argentina means half a century of shared experiences and life stories.

Our strategy was to design a graphic piece that establishes a powerful link among the company's past, present and future. A book with a consistent visual vocabulary, that is long-lasting and universally recognized – a book that is emotionally appealing and compelling to its readers.

Figura John Deere Argentina - 16