John Deere México

Industrias John Deere México is a subsidiary of Deere & Company, the world's leading manufacturer and seller of agricultural machinery.
Industrias John Deere currently has three facilities -two in Monterrey and one in Saltillo- and serves over 140 distributors in Mexico and Central America.

CH+B has developed the company's institutional and commercial communication, in line with the guiding principles for the region.
A consistent communication that enhances differentiating attributes to improve the company's image and identity.

Figura John Deere México - 2
Figura John Deere México - 3

After sales expo

Through the development of several trade fairs throughout the country, our goal was to "fight against myths" in machinery maintenance.

CH+B implemented all the communication and architectural signage under the concept of wrestling, the most iconic sports in Mexican popular culture.
A potent strategy to debunk all myths.

Figura John Deere México - 5
Figura John Deere México - 5