Coca Cola

In recent years, companies have reoriented their community actions. They are increasingly geared towards collaboration activities that are related to the environment where they operate. One of the challenges to prepare the corporate social responsibility report was to visually capture the most intangible and emotional aspects of the brand.

"24 hours with Coca Cola" Corporate Social Responsibility Report

The graphic strategy was to enhance Coca Cola's visibility for 24 hours, hour by hour. Each double page actively presents Coca Cola's commitment to contribute with education, the environment, talent development and regional economies.

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Figura Coca Cola - 2
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Coca Cola created a new category in the beverage market with the introduction of épika, a completely innovative and different beverage designed for a more spiritual era.

Coca Cola entrusted CH+B with the creation of packaging material for the presentation of épika. CH+B suggested working on the packaging by highlighting its strongest features: naturalness, purity, transparency and spirituality.

Completing the project in only eight days was also a challenge, as the date of presentation to the media, opinion leaders and main distributors could not possibly be changed.

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